Frank And Oak: Email creation & graphic design

Designs created using mix of Sketch & Photoshop

Welcome Series
Multi-send progression of branded messaging

Send 01: Lead variants, branding & focus on savings
Welcome 01
Send 02: Focus on driving to best-selling categories
Welcome 02
Send 03: Focus on benefit of joining Style Plan
Welcome 02

Style Plan Subscription
Promotional approaches

Archetypes: Focus on personalization and uniqueness
Informational: Focus on what the subscription service is
Personalized: Data-driven testing resulted in different menswear vs womenswear visuals, but same messaging

Audience Development
Sweepstakes promotional emails

Clickthru/Conversion optimization with image A/B testing
Invite 01

Social Event Flyers (Frank And Oak)

Created using almost exclusively Sketch

2020 Quarantine Zoom Social events
Invite 01
Invite 02
Invite 03

Summer BBQ
Invite .gif & Themed drink notices
Summer Social BBQ
Sunlight Drink
Moonlight Drink

Scandy Xmas Event
Invite & Themed don't drink and drive posters
Summer Social BBQ
Don't drink & drive A
Don't drink & drive B
Don't drink & drive C

Misc. events posters and flyers
Sugar Shack
Pool party
Pool party
Guided Walks

AskMen: Email & general graphic design

Designs created using mix of Sketch & Photoshop

Acquire Ecom Newsletter
Original Design (L) updated design (R)
Summer Social BBQ

Themed campaign email headers
Invite 01
Invite 02
Invite 03
Invite 03
Invite 03
Invite 03
Invite 03

Paid Brand Takeovers
Trunk Club, vol 01 & vol 02
Sunlight Drink

Illustrations For Sticky Rice (2020-2021)

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Pen On Paper, Scanned With Digital Colours

Illustrations of several dishes to accompany the piece "The Sixth Love Language“ written by Linh S. Nguyễn.
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Bún riêu cua

Chuối nếp nướng

Gỏi cuốn, bánh chưng and bánh nậm

A family alter

Illustrations to accompany the piece "SPAM“ written by Nikki Celis.
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Can of spam, animated by hand, digital colours

sinangág (Spam and egg over garlic fried rice)

Author with their mother in their family’s Calgary kitchen

.Gifs (Made On Mobile)

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FlipaClip App On Galaxy S7 & Finger/Stylus

Pineapple Hoola Hoop
Floppy Shark
Morph Star Wars
Netflix And Zombie
Fruity Loop
Need Slep
Animated Life Drawing
Cuebone Secret Stache
Rock Facts
Borking Mad
Snow Cycle
Thing Walk Cycle

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