Frank And Oak: Email creation & graphic design

Designs created using mix of Sketch & Photoshop

Welcome Series
Multi-send progression of branded messaging

Send 01: Lead variants with branding & value focus

Welcome 01

Send 02: Key category / best-sellers focus

Welcome 02

Send 03: Push towards Subscription service with iconography

Welcome 02

Style Plan Subscription
Personalized: Data-driven testing resulted in different menswear vs womenswear-buyers’ visuals, but same messaging



Photoshop and illustrator.

“Hologramme” by Visrei (Music Video)
Initial Storyboard - key moments
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Realized Choreography

Realized Choreography

Digital Pieces

Created using almost exclusively Sketch

Frank And Oak Internal digital postcards
2020 Quarantine Zoom Social events

Invite 01

Invite 03

Summer BBQ
Invite .gif & Themed drink placards

Summer Social BBQ

Sunlight Drink

Scandy Xmas Event
Invite & Themed don't drink and drive posters

Summer Social BBQ

Various events posters and flyers

Sugar Shack

Invite 02

Moonlight Drink

Don't drink & drive A

Pool party

AskMen: Email & general graphic design

Designs created using mix of Sketch & Photoshop

Acquire Ecom Newsletter

Paid Brand Takeovers
Trunk Club, vol 01 & vol 02

Sunlight Drink

Illustrations For Sticky Rice (2020-2021)

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Pen On Paper, Scanned With Digital Colours

Illustrations of several dishes to accompany the piece "The Sixth Love Language“ written by Linh S. Nguyễn.
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Bún riêu cua

Chuối nếp nướng

Gỏi cuốn, bánh chưng and bánh nậm

A family alter

Illustrations to accompany the piece "SPAM“ written by Nikki Celis.
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Can of spam, animated by hand, digital colours

sinangág (Spam and egg over garlic fried rice)

Author with their mother in their family’s Calgary kitchen