Mix of ink and paper and fully-digital illustrations.

Sticky Rice Magazine
Illustrations of several dishes to accompany the piece "The Sixth Love Language“ written by Linh S. Nguyễn.
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Bún riêu cua

Gỏi cuốn, bánh chưng and bánh nậm

Sticky Rice Magazine
Illustrations to accompany the piece "SPAM“ written by Nikki Celis.
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Can of spam, animated by hand, digital colours

Silo Montreal Magazine
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Site’s Out Of Office Reply

Out Of Office Reply

Personal Illustrations
Various pieces from over the years

21st Century Ode To M.C. Escher

Burger Studies
Study 01
Burger Study 01
Study 03
Burger Study 03

Peter Lyall House
Peter Lyall House

Chuối nếp nướng

A family alter

Author with their mother in their family’s Calgary kitchen

Announcement visual: Montreal Silo No. 5
Montreal Silo No. 5

UPA Animation Style Character Design Study
UPA Animation Character Design Study/Mimicry

Study 02
Burger Study 02